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House Instruments


Yamaha Beech Custom Drum Kit (Early 90's)
22" Kick / 14" Beech Snare
10", 12", 14" Toms
Yamaha Tour Custom Maple Floor Tom 16"

Gretsch Catalina Maple Drum Kit (2017)

22" Kick / 14" Maple Snare

8", 10", 12", 14", 16" Toms

PDP Concept Maple Drum Kit (2022)

2" Kick / 14" Maple Snare

8", 10", 12", 14", 16" Toms


Sabian AAX Studio Crash 17"
Sabian AAX Xplosion Crash 18"
Sabian AAX Fusion Hi Hats 13"
Sabian AAX Splash 10"

Zildjian A Custom Fast Splash 8"
Zildjian A Custom Flat Top Ride 20"
Zildjian A Custom Projection Ride 20"

Zildjian ZBT Crash 14"

Zildjian Z Fast Splash 8"
Paiste 2002 Sound Edge Hi Hats 14"
Paiste China 18"


Takamine EAN 40C Electric Acoustic Guitar
Fender Telecaster (2015)
Fender Telecaster Squire Bullet
Fender Precision Bass Squire (5 String)

Ibanez G10 Bass Guitar


Ampeg SVT-410HLF Bass Cab

Acoustic B10 Bass Amp
Roland Keyboard Amp

Boss Katana

Fender Blues Jr.


Wurlitzer Console Piano (1955)

Rhodes Seventy-Three Electric Piano (Late 70’s)

Roland JV-80 (Early 90's)

Roland XP-30 (Early 90's)

Korg X5 (Late 90's)

Korg Organ (80's)

Yamaha DX-21 (Early 80's)

M-Audio Oxygen 61 (Midi Workstation)


LP Congas

Meinl Cajon

Peal Sub Bass Cajon
RhythmTech Cabasa
RhythmTech Studio Shaker
Meinl Studio Tambourine
RhythmTech Tambourine
Egg Shakers Plastic/Wood
LP Cowbells/Jamblock

And lots more stuff to hit and shake!

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