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Jeff Browning - Owner - Engineer - Producer

Hey I'm Jeff,

I've been preforming, recording, mixing and mastering music since I was in college waaay back in the early 2000's. 

I was born and raised in Durham, NC, and been around music my whole life.  With my stepfather being a founding member of "Staircase Band", musicians, instruments, and sound equipment was never far away.

Throughout my younger years, I studied drums under my early mentor Todd Proctor, learning the basics of all drumming styles and learning all about Funky/Soul music.  

During my college years, I toured North Carolina and Georgia as the drummer for the "Matt Williams Band" and Co-produced the Matt Williams’ album "Particles" in 2005 as my first big project in a major recording studio. 
I also toured the country with Staircase playing drums and percussion all over the country during this time.

​In 2006 I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Western Carolina University, majoring in Music with a concentration in Percussion (Under Dr. Mario Gaetano) and Electronic Music (Under Dr. Bruce Frasier). 

After receiving my degree, I traveled the country working as an Audio/Video engineer before settling in Tucson, AZ and founding DRMX Studios.

Now, after Recording, Mixing, and Mastering music for over 12 years in Tucson, I have worked with both local artists and artist from as far away as Ghana producing great music on countless projects.

​Currently, you can catch me behind the drumkit playing for "Brian Berggoetz Band" and "Eric Underwood Band" in Tucson/Phoenix area.

I say all this only because I want you to know that the music you've worked your ass off to create is in the hands of someone who knows
what they're doing...someone that speaks the language and knows what being a musician is all about.  I'm not just a button pushing engineer.

One of my favorite sayings is "anyone can hit record".

Recording/Mixing/Mastering music is one of the easiest things to screw up and I've seen countless bands waste money on "big studios" only because
they were impressed by a gear selection. 


I'm here to help you sound good. That's it.

- Jeff  |  DRMX Studios

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